My Dearest Funmi

I once thought the needs of a man were many
But as I get older with you
I realize a man’s needs are very few
Just a cozy home, not more
Where there is good food
And one true friend there, just one
Who will always give peace and happiness
I must tell you today
That in you I found my own cozy home,
And that one true friend
Who gives the peace and the happiness.

As years passed I have seen your face in tears
I have seen your face in laughters
I have seen you in younger ages
I have seen you grow older now
And forgive me for this,
That I just realise you are actually more beautiful
Than I ever told you.

I have known you as a child Olufunmilayo
From the Methodist Primary in hometown
where we schooled
To the university in Ife,
Where we lived as friends
And flew together as lovebirds
I can’t forget anything
I have known you for almost a lifetime
And please forgive me for just telling you this too
That you are actually the stronger one in this journey
You are smarter than you think
And you are actually the braver one in the battles we have fought together.

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And I wan’t to just thank you for everything today
For being the secret strength
For being the backup fortress!

Happy birthday Funmilayo Lawal Temokun my wife and friend.

From your husband and friend, Tope.

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