Human Rights Champion Tope Temokun Clinches Legal Luminary of the Year Award at Prestigious LEAD Ceremony

Activist and human rights lawyer, Tope Temokun Esq, was honored with the esteemed Legal Luminary of the Year Award at the Leadership Excellence and Dignity Award ceremony held at the Dome Events Centre, Akure, yesterday.

Expressing his gratitude, Tope Temokun acknowledged the competitive nature of the award category and felt fortunate to emerge as the winner. In a brief statement, he dedicated the award to his wife, recognizing her as a strong pillar supporting his achievements in the legal industry.

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During his acceptance speech, Tope Temokun praised the quality of the award and pledged to extend support to the organization responsible for showcasing the noteworthy contributions of individuals in the country.

“I proudly bring back the award on this 10th December, 2023. Pronounced the LEGAL LUMINARY OF THE YEAR 2023 by LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AND DIGNITY AWARD (LEAD),” he declared.

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