Appearing for Omoyele Sowore today before the Federal High Court Abuja….. It’s been a while we engage in revolutionary “court fireworks”… Today marked another refiring and retooling….leading other great revolutionary lawyers like Marshal D F Abubakar , Deji Adeyanju and Israel Ekpo….it was a great outing for us.

The Federal Government wisely withdrew its treasonable felony charge against Sowore after wasting time and resources for five years and one individual now insisted Sahara Reporters cyberstalked him and wants the police to prosecute Sowore for it, thinking Sowore won’t come for arraignment but the eagle landed yesterday from the New York in readiness to present himself for arraignment. But as usual, the police cannot arraign again today, due to their usual untidiness ….till September 2024… We shall be back!

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The world must also know that the struggle for right to freedom of speech yielded some result this February 2024 with a progressive leap, the CYBERCRIMES (PROHIBITION, PREVENTION ETC) ACT which has been used to arrest and imprison many journalists and activists has been amended and now under the Cybercrimes (Prohibition, Prevention ETC) Amendment Act 2024, the definition of cybercrime has changed progressively but I don’t know why the media refuse to publicize this and still leaves the citizens under the fear of the dark of the past. The law no longer aids rich individuals who are bent on using the police to kill freedom of speech.

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