On assumption of office, Nyeson Wike, President’s Tinubu’s Minister of FCT, threatened houses built to distort FCT masterplan would go down, for the restoration of the FCT original masterplan.

The first question to ask is are Nigerian citizens enjoying their original masterplan under this government? Citizens’ original masterplan was not to be subjected to this kind of hardship, pain and agony. This new government is still carrying the moral burden of explaining to the people of Nigeria how we found ourselves within few weeks of assumption of office paying higher fuel price in the name of subsidy removal and how the bags of rice sent to each state will solve the problems created by this government for the people through subsidy politicisation. When you demolish houses of citizens on the pretext that you want to restore the capital to the original masterplan, what one single positive thing do you want to give to the poor citizens in this your elitist government, government of the elites by the elites and for the elites.

Demolition, however you may glorify it, is anti-people and wicked. This elitist psychology has formed 50% of government policy of Lagos since the era of Governor Bola Tinubu of Lagos till now and it is the same policy President Bola Tinubu is attempting to introduce to Abuja now in the name of restoring Abuja to original masterplan. It is nothing but pure land grabbing. The destruction of Abuja low cost buildings to create more lands for grabbing should not be a priority for now. In advanced economy, demolition is not a policy towards development. Beautification will come with development. Old houses will give way for new.

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Instead of picking demolition as a policy, the government and Wike should be creative and positive minded to face the reality of whatever present masterplan and leave alone the original masterplan to avoid more pains to the people. Restore the citizens hope in your government to the masterplan before you think of restoring FCT to the original masterplan.

Tope Temokun
August 22, 2023!

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